C'est quoi la Kustom Kulture ?

C'est quoi la Kustom Kulture ?

La Kustom Kulture, a movement originating from the United States, merges the cultures of Hot Rods, rockabilly, the 50s, customization of vintage cars and motorcycles, pin-ups, as well as a specific lifestyle, clothing style, and art.

Kustom Kulture emerged in the United States in the 1950s when young people embellished their cars, especially Ford Model T or V8 1932-1948, to enhance power, reduce weight, or improve aerodynamics. This is how the term "Hot Rod" was born.

Over the years, figures like Kenny Howard (known under the brand Von Dutch) and customizers like Ed Big Daddy Roth have contributed to spreading this movement in popular culture. Although it experienced a decline in the 1980s, Kustom Kulture has seen a revival since the 2000s, with many DIY enthusiasts bringing hot rods, rat rods, customs, leadsleds, and other automotive modification movements back to life. Motorcycles, such as choppers, bobbers, and café racers, also revitalize our streets.

Brands such as Lucky 13, Felon, Dirt Devil, Von Dutch, and Frenchy Apparel are avid supporters of Kustom Kulture. Pin-ups are also back in fashion, with many women adopting the Betty Page style, reinterpreted in a 2000s way with a prevalence of tattoos, both for women and men.

Kustom Kulture has become synonymous with Do it Yourself, with many enthusiasts working on their own cars or motorcycles. Kustom Kulture gatherings take place in the United States and Europe, with events such as Béthune Rétro, Normand Beach Race in France, dragster races, and the Bottrop festival in Germany.

Several magazines, such as the French Kustom Garage, Nitro, Powerglide, Rod and Custom, as well as the American Rebel Rodz and Amusin' Kruisin, celebrate and document Kustom Kulture.

The source of this text is simply taken from Wikipedia: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kustom_Kulture.

This article is clear and concise, perfect! We could discuss it for hours. For those not familiar with it, go to the mentioned events, it's really awesome! For others... well, let's grab a beer! 🍻

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