Pourquoi Custom Only ?

Pourquoi Custom Only ?

It's much more than a simple love story! No, no cheesy clichés here! It's a passionate tale between you (yes, you) and Giselle, Monique, Éléonore... your motorcycle or car, of course. The one you pamper, customize, giving it a unique look or purr.

This love story is unique, but let's admit it, we've all had those butterflies in our stomach when it restarted after a DIY session (with a hint of stress, especially when the positive terminal wasn't connected... 😅). After experiencing several of these love stories, I wanted to share this feeling with others. The question was: how?

Well, what could be better than wearing clothes that speak for me? A t-shirt, a jacket, a cap... that express without saying a word. That's exactly what I wanted: a clothing line that tells my love stories without explicitly explaining them. Because, let's be honest, talking about that with strangers isn't easy.

Custom Only is the brand that translates the love I have for Kustom Kulture. It narrates the love I have for my customized machines. It speaks to other enthusiasts, those who live this lifestyle. It does it with preferably French products (as much as possible).

With Custom Only, we talk about love, but with one or more cylinders. 😘

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