Conseils d'entretien pour nos vêtements

Conseils d'entretien pour nos vêtements

Welcome to the fabulous world of our clothes. We're here to simplify things for you, not to play a symphony of complicated washing techniques – it's just pure and simple common sense.

We know that the symbols on the label can feel like decoding a puzzle. But don't worry, we're here to give you a recap without causing a headache.

And when it comes to clothes, we go local as much as possible, with Made in France for pure class. As a bonus, we'll throw in some tips like "How to keep your t-shirt as fresh as an iceberg." We're pros at style and humor, all in one. 😉👗

Care Symbols:

  • No water washing

  • Hand wash

  • The symbol underlined with 2 lines indicates the need for very reduced mechanical action.

  • The symbol underlined with 1 line indicates the need for reduced mechanical action.

  • Machine wash at 30°C

  • Machine wash at 40°C

  • Machine wash at 60°C

  • Machine wash at 95°C

  • No bleaching

  • Bleaching allowed (chlorine bleach and oxygen-based bleach)

  • Oxygen-based bleach only

  • No tumble drying

  • Moderate temperature drying (50°C)

  • Normal temperature drying (70°C)

Attention: Do not steam iron printed textiles (e.g., Custom Only t-shirt).

  • No ironing or steaming

  • Ironing at 110°C (Steaming is not recommended)

  • Ironing at 150°C

  • Ironing at 200°C

  • No solvent cleaning

  • Dry cleaning with any solvent except trichloroethylene

  • Dry cleaning with any petroleum solvent

We're bringing out the golden rules and laundry hacks – this is serious stuff!

Golden Rules:

  • Follow the care instructions. They're there to guide you through the laundry maze.
  • Choose the machine cycle based on the item and its colorful moods. Yes, clothes have moods.
  • Your washing machine is like a magic wand with special programs for each fabric. Wool, delicate, cotton, synthetic... it has it all.
  • Whites and bright/dark colors are like cats and dogs – they don't mix.

Bonus tip, No. 5: For a masterpiece wash, imagine yourself as a washing machine maestro. Pick out the delicate notes of the delicate cycle and compose a harmonious symphony of colors. 🌈🎶

Why should you wash and iron inside out?

  1. Preserves your item from pilling, whitening, and shine.
  2. Protects prints, accessories (buttons, beads, etc.) from mechanical aggression.

Adapt the amount of detergent to the degree of soiling, the weight of the laundry, and the water hardness in your area.

Current detergents are very efficient but so efficient that they attack colors and natural textile fibers. Check the instructions on the back of your detergent packaging. If you want, you can contact your municipality to know the hardness of your water.

Why choose the right detergent for your laundry?

Detergent manufacturers have developed specific products for each type of fabric:

  • "Regular" detergents are effective for stain removal and whitening.
  • "Color" detergents preserve colors.
  • "Special black" detergents maintain the intensity of black and dark colors.
  • "Special delicate fabrics" detergents protect animal fibers (wool, silk).

Why is drying on the clothesline or outside better than using the dryer, even if the care tag allows it?

Dryers wear out clothes more quickly. Natural drying, nothing better.

Why shouldn't you use fabric softener on waterproof/respirant clothes?

Fabric softener clogs the pores of membranes, causing them to lose their breathability.

Iron your clothes inside out:

  • Protects colors and patterns.
  • Preserves fibers.
  • Avoids pressure marks.
  • Protects buttons and ornaments.
  • Facilitates ironing in delicate areas.

Why is it important to choose the right ironing temperature?

The right temperature ensures effective ironing without damaging the fabric.

Why is it necessary to follow dry cleaning instructions?

Dry cleaning instructions indicate the appropriate solvents for your garment, ensuring proper care.

Remember these golden rules and laundry hacks – it's all about keeping your clothes fabulous!

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